Choo or False?

The Shoe Lady

Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink...

Rumour has it that accessories mogul Tamara Mellon may be planning to sell her £500 million Jimmy Choo empire.

Made ever-more famous by esteemed shoegal Carrie Bradshaw, aka supreme fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker, it is unsurprising that the Jimmy Choo label could net a cool £100 million.

CEO and founder of the luxury label and recent recipient of an OBE, Mellon has been the catalyst and subsequent driving force behind the company’s success.

Attributing Tamara’s business sense to her late father Tom Yeardye (the money man behind the Vidal Sassoon empire), a family friend said: “It’s in the genes. He started with absolutely nothing and ended up a multimillionaire. He was the most determined and focused man, and he trained Tamara to be the same. When she was young, he used to match every penny she earned to motivate her to work hard. Just like him, she loves holding the winning cards.”

Adding a line of handbags and a collaboration with Hunter boots to her repetoire, I think we can safely say that whatever her next project we can expect great things from Ms Mellon.


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